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Cans Top 5

A beautiful line up for the best Cans in the World!

Drummmmrolllllll for number 5
Evolve Spray Paint is very similar to All City paint only its significantly more established with a top-notch sponsored demonstration team, and 87 vibrant colors. Evolve Spray Paint is flat finished and it retails for $4.00 plus shipping and handling at the 004 Connec website. Like the All City brand, Evolve is also a spray paint that is manufactured in China, and like the All City brand; it seems a bit less “evolved” than the original Chinese paint; Ironlak. With that being said, Evolve is a very decent, reliable paint, and its available for a fair price.

Number 4
Flame spray paint is the brand new Chinese manufactured spray paint line from Molotow. Flame is only available in 40 gloss colors currently, and it retails for $4.49 per can plus shipping and handling at Art Primo. The price of Flame is slightly more than that of it’s competitors in the “Ironlak-knock-off” race, but it is the brand that seems to be the most overall similar to Ironlak. Molotow is well versed in the intricacies of making spray paint, so it will be interesting to see how this brand develops moving forward.

Number 3
Kilz White Primer Sealer Stain-blocker Spray Paint is quite possibly the single best spray paint on this list. Unfortunately, It only comes in one color; White. If you are out illegally bombing and regularly using something other than Kilz to fill in; your either toy, privileged, or you have already done financially made it!

Number 2
Fresh Paint is a new American matte finish brand, the brainchild of Oink Art. The viscosity of Fresh Paint is nearly identical to that of Ironlak and all of the look alike brands, although Fresh paint currently has a much more limited color chart. Upon initial results, fresh paint colors seem to hold up longer than Ironlak, but only after more time passage and proof can it be said with certainty. However the #1 selling point of the young Fresh Paint brand is its $2.95 price, making it by far the cheapest of the quality spray paints available in America.

Number 1
The original Montana a.k.a. Spanish Montana; or MTN is as good as spray paint gets and is the premier spray paint brand for solid quick coverage. The Hardcore line is a nice consistent high pressure gloss finish, and its available in a wide selection of vibrant colors. “Hardcore 2″ is highly anticipated and it is soon to hit the American market, promising to be a quicker drying, high gloss, and high pressure line with 88 total colors, 45 of which are new to the MTN brand.

MTN’s 94 line available in 147 colors, is the perfect compliment to the Hardcore line with it’s lowered pressure, matte finish, and the 9 step chromatic color gradations. If I had to “pick the fly-shit out of pepper”; the only drawback to the 94 brand is it’s tendency to leave a very slight overspray on clean lines.

The MTN Colors site took me to this site to shop—but the prices are incredibly expensive. I usually am able to score MTN for around $4-5 dollars per can. For the price and its premium quick quality effectiveness the MTN lines are definitely one of the two best spray paints readily available in America today.


The Pope!

The motherload guys. A grafiti artist made a superhero grafiti painting out of the Pope! How awesome is that.

Better yes, it came from approval.

Read the whole story below!

Not content with being Time’s Person of the Year and scoring a Rolling Stone cover, Pope Francis has now achieved superhero status, at least in the eyes of graffiti artist Maupal.

Pope Francis is depicted soaring into the sky, fist outstretched and crucifix swinging in the wind, on a wall of the Borgo Pio district near St. Peter’s Square in Rome, complete with a white cape and a satchel branded with ‘valores’, the Spanish word for values.

The graffiti mural, being dubbed ‘SuperPope’, was spotted on Tuesday and is the work of Italian street artist Maupal.

It came with the approval of the Vatican communications office, which posted a photo of it on Twitter.

Pope Francis has been credited with transforming the Church’s fortunes during his brief tenure, thanks to his message of helping the poor and vowing to crack down on Vatican corruption, culminating in Time naming him their Person of the Year and Rolling Stone featuring him on their latest front cover.